Asked & Answered with Dr. Anne Prisco

Join Holy Family University President Dr. Anne Prisco as she gets to know the most influential leaders in Philadelphia and shares the stories of Holy Family faculty and alumni who are making a major impact in their communities.

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Just Launched...    ASKED & ANSWERED      with Dr. Anne Prisco

Holy Family's values are centered on our shared humanity and collective responsibility to one another, our neighbors, and our communities. In Asked & Answered, Holy Family University President Dr. Anne Prisco gets to know the most influential leaders in Philadelphia and shares the stories of Holy Family faculty and alumni who are making a major impact in their communities.


Monday Aug 22, 2022

Join Dr. Prisco’s very personal chat with Chelsea Sanders, @r29unbothered and @r29somos Vice President of multicultural brand strategy and development. Chelsea is also host of Unbothered’s podcast “GO OFF, SIS”. Chelsea speaks about the importance of community, advocating for yourself and don’t miss what advice Chelsea would give her college aged self!

Tuesday Jul 19, 2022

Asked and Answered highlights entrepreneurs and leaders who are making a major impact in our communities. In this episode, Dr. Prisco is joined by Laura Ipsen, President and CEO of Ellucian,  an educational technology company used by colleges and universities across the country, including Holy Family. To learn more about Laura and Ellucian, please visit To learn more about Holy Family University please visit

Tuesday May 31, 2022

The connections among the criminal justice and behavioral health systems can be complex, in part because there is no single entity responsible for caring for individuals with emotional and mental health crises. Intervention from various groups throughout a community – those with different cultures, different attitudes, and different behaviors – is even more crucial. In this episode, Dr. Anne Prisco speaks with Dr. Patricia Griffin, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at Holy Family University, about her transformational work within the criminal justice system in the communities surrounding Holy Family University in Northeast Philadelphia. To learn more about Dr. Griffin's work and Holy Family University please visit

Tuesday May 31, 2022

Holy Family University’s School of Nursing and Health Sciences was ranked #3 in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (and #2 in Philadelphia) by in 2020. For this inaugural episode of Asked & Answered, Dr. Anne Prisco and Reverend Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake talk about why investing in nurses improves a community’s health, preparing nurses to lead in their communities, best practices in addressing mental health needs, and other critical public health issues intersecting directly with the nursing profession. The Rev. Dr. Marshall-Blake is the president of the Independence Blue Cross Foundation, a charitable, private foundation that has provided support to all 22 nursing schools in the Philadelphia region, and has awarded more than $15M for nursing student scholarships and to advance the nursing profession since its founding in 2011. Reverend Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake is also the vice president of community affairs at Independence Blue Cross, the largest health insurance provider in the Philadelphia region. To learn more about Rev. Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake and the amazing work the Independence Blue Cross Foundation is doing, please visit To learn more about Holy Family University and its nursing program please visit

Tuesday May 31, 2022

In this episode, Dr. Anne Prisco talks about ice cream with Dan Kilcoyne, the president and CEO of Mini Melts USA. Mini Melts are a unique ice cream treat sold in thousands of locations nationwide, including sports stadiums, amusement parks, Wawa, Walmart, and even the Philadelphia Zoo. Dr. Prisco talks with Dan about his rise from ice cream salesperson to CEO just five short years after graduating from Holy Family in 2004. To learn more about Dan and Mini Melts Ice Cream, please visit To learn more about Holy Family University please visit  



Holy Family University is a private Catholic institution located in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 1954, the University’s mission is informed by its core values of family, respect, integrity, service and responsibility, learning, and vision. The University embraces diversity and inclusion, ensuring a welcoming and accessible learning community for all. Holy Family University educates students in liberal arts and professional studies to fulfill lifelong responsibilities toward God, society, and self. The University is composed of four schools: Arts & Sciences, Business & Professional Studies, Education, and Nursing & Health Sciences. Nestled in the heart of a historic residential neighborhood in the Northeast, the University is just minutes from the excitement of Center City. Holy Family enrolls more than 3100 students at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels at its Philadelphia and Newtown campus locations.

Holy Family University is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. 

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